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Pofta buna !


Cured Shrimp at Osamil in New York CitySecluded from New York City's bustling Koreatown, Osamil is strategically placed to attract Korean food lovers seeking a meal beyond the typical pochas and reliable institutions of 32nd street. At Osamil, you'll find that the food is, at its heart, Korean but with a flare of French influence

As a fairly new establishment, the ambiance is that of a trendy gastropub. With the constant rush of cocktail mixing and the wide table spacing, Osamil is both intimate and lit. Service is swift and friendly. 

In terms of food quality, I'm excited to share that Osamil is good! For what its worth, you get very good value for your money here. Go for their selection of Anju (larger dishes to share), grilled skewers, and their variety of "pub basics". Our favorites include the Honey Butter Chips, Cured Shrimp, and the Braised Short Ribs. Osamil's Pork Belly Confit, Nearly Famous Lamb Galbi, Prawn Skewers, and Daenjang-Foie Gras Mousse with Toast also look delicious. 

While I didn't drink during this visit, I was intrigued by their extensive drinks menu. I'm going to have to come back with the guys next time. They also have a VERY attractive daily specials, late night deals, and happy hour specials. The most interesting ones are probably $1 wings every Tuesday or $60 for a legit Charcuterie Board and a bottle of wine every Thursday.

This is your next K-town go-to spot. See you there? 

By the way, my friend Sally just started working at the bar on weekends. Go say hey! 

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