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 China or Russia? U.S. May Have to Choose an Ally 
 U.S. may not have the power or influence to keep defending the world order. 
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 Oslo Police Arrest Suspect After Detonating 'Bomb-Like Device' 
 The device was found near a multi-ethnic neighborhood that is home to bars and restaurants. 
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 Privacy Experts Say CIA Left Americans Open to Cyber Attacks 
 Wikileaks dump reveals the spy agency didn't inform companies of potential exploits in their products. 
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 Putin’s Flirtation with Le Pen Is Likely to Backfire 
 After rigging the U.S. election, he would have done better to keep his funding of Le Pen secret. 
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 Bannon, Kushner Meet to Squash Differences, Source Says 
 Multiple news reports have detailed the bad blood and sniping between the president's top advisers. 
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 Trump Rejected More Aggressive Military Options Against Syria 
 The president was presented with a plan that would have included a strike on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's palace. 
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 North Korea Criticizes U.S. Strikes on Syria as 'Unforgivable' 
 Regime says the U.S. military's action justifies its decision to develop nuclear weapons. 
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 Mobile Technology Can Help Fix Our Contraception Crisis 
 As U.S. Republicans restrict women's access to contraception, we must fight to get them other alternatives. 
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 Yes Joins Its 'Heroes' in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 
 Rush great Geddy Lee joins on bass for performance of 'Roundabout' before Yes play 'Owner of a Lonely Heart.' 
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 Origami-Inspired Collapsible Shield Can Stop Bullets 
 The curved shield can stand on its own and protect up to three people crouching behind it.

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