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A Timeline of Every Ridiculous Thing Trump Has Said About Climate Change
Revisiting the president's climate change denial, statement by statement.
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Trump and el-Sissi
Egypt’s Strongman Looks To Seize on Trump’s Early Human Rights Apathy
With Obama in the rearview, here's what to expect from Abdel Fattah el-Sissi's trip to the White House.
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Conflict Likely Despite Polite Start to Britain-EU Divorce
EU leadership is determined to present a united front as Theresa May seeks deals for Britain.
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Michael Flynn Initially Didn't Disclose Pay From Russian Firms
The former national security advisor had to amend his disclosure after leaving off payments for speaking engagements to Russian entities.
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France's Macron Urges Supporters to Reject Le Pen's 'Party of Hatred'
Polls are tightening, with third-place Francois Fillon picking up support and Macron and Le Pen nearly neck and neck.
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Will AI Robots Turn Humans Into Pets?
Technology industry leaders came to the U.N. to discuss the future of artificial intelligence which may revolutionize everything—or not.
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Erdogan Appeals to Kurds as a 'Guardian of Peace'
Turkey's Kurds could be the deciding factor in an April 16 referendum that would consolidate the president's power.
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Pope Francis Confronted With 'Papal Tyranny' Reminder
The pontiff is visiting an area in northern Italy that was hit with earthquakes in 2012.
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Want to Live to 100? Centenarians' Tips for a Long, Long, Long Life
Eat well. Sleep well. Don't overdrink. Don't overeat. And exercise regularly.
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Is Edible Marijuana 'Healthier' Than Smoking Weed?
Ingesting marijuana cuts down on the carcinogens but it's harder to control the high.
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