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Austria's Nazi past encroaches on election campaign
Against the background of the migration crisis, the contest will be watched across Europe as a barometer of anti-establishment sentiment and a test of support for populist right-wing politicians.
Turkey’s Erdogan: Israel restricting Muslim worship
"We will work with might and main to protect Palestine and the sanctity of Al-Aksa mosque,”...
New Israeli ambassador to Turkey arrives in Ankara
Israeli-Turkish relations broke down in 2010 when 10 Turkish pro-Palestinian activists were...
Israeli minister: More than Arafat, Abbas is Israel's 'number one'...
Likud minister Steinitz says Abbas and the Palestinian Authority seek the destruction...
Kurdistan in Iraq commemorates Jewish history
Regional gov’t hosts event for second year recalling Iraq’s discrimination against Jews...
Kerry, Liberman to address Saban Israel forum
“This is a time of great change in the Middle East and in Washington,” said Haim Saban...
Despite Russian involvement in Syria, Israel to maintain...
When it comes to areas more distant from the border – certainly near Damascus – the operation...
The end of
liberalism as we
know it
I have no preference for either the Democratic or Republican Party, but I do know the laws...
Bayit Yehudi MK
accused of sexual assault
Bennett says lawmaker denies allegations, calls for women to go to police.

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