miercuri, 18 iulie 2018

Buna dimineata!


marți, 17 iulie 2018

The Jerusalem Post

 200 Syrians gather at Israel’s border waving white flags
Thousands of Syrians have fled towards the Israeli border on the Golan Heights seeking a safe zone and according to the UN.
2 min read
 IDF strikes Gaza terror cell launching incendiary balloons into Israel
Tensions on the Israel-Gaza border have significantly risen following a flareup of violence over the weekend.
2 min read
 In annexation push, Knesset limits Palestinian access to High Court
It marks a 51-year change in the way West Bank land cases will be handled by the Israeli court system.
2 min read
 Group of men attacks German Jew wearing Israeli pin and kippa
“For the safety of Jewish citizens in Germany it is catastrophic.”
3 min read
Terror ‘fire falcon’ found dead in national park near Gaza Strip |Read more…
2 min read
UK Chief Rabbi: Labour guidelines show ‘unprecedented contempt’ for Jews | Read more…